What is LARA?

Live Augmented Reality Application

LARA is free Augmented Reality application on iOS and Android platforms. With LARA Augmented Reality can easily be implemented in everyday life. With LARA your products and services can be enhanced with a new visual experience.

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What is AR?

An innovative technology which can augment our reality by adding content to the picture of the camera of a smartphone or tablet.


Wiith LARA your static graphical materials can be become interactive, you can add information limitlessly to your marketing materials. LARA works with a monthly fee so you only have to pay when you use our service.

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The efficiency of an AR campaign can be 10x of the classic ad campaigns.


We continuously develop our framework system, add new functions we provide without cost.


We can help you with a full AR expert opinion through your whole campaign.

Campaign management

Ideas, fast and flexible start of campaigns, continuous campaign management, analysis, statistics.

Green communication

You can make you communication, marketing tools green, since with LARA you can optimize your print costs!


Have a look at our clients activity with the Lara app here.


“In the summer of 2016 we were working on the introduction of a new product with LARA. Instead of dry flyers, wobblers we wanted something entertaining and exciting for our customers, this is how we came across Augmented Reality. The references were quite convincing so we decided to give it a try. Since we have never worked with such a technology, the creative process was more difficult than usual, but the team proved to be very patient, at our service at any time, they were very flexible. They helped us with their experience, the final solution became what we imagined. I am sure, that this was not the last time that we choose this tool.“

Gabriella Pillar
Marketing Manager


“We have worked together with the LARA team at many events, one of the most memorable of these was the Fujitsu Santa Claus event, children could take pictures with a 3D animated Santa Claus. It was a very exciting experience for the children and for adults as well, they remember the event until this day. LARA has an innovative and reliable team, working with them was a pleasure."

Gyongyi Fulop
Marketing Manager


“We have started working with LARA in late 2016 with the LARA team. Our first work was an interactive roll-up, which presented a video about our newest hand sanitizing program. The first work was so successful that we immediately started a new one, we attended a professional symposium, our Managing Director appeared in a video placed on a roll-up, presented with LARA. Beyond our works so far we have a lot of ideas we wish to accomplish using LARA.“

Timea Vajda

Product Manager