Smart Packaging

Provide information about your products for your clients in an innovative and exciting way! With the Smart Packaging solution of LARA you can educate your customers about your products. You can also place a hot 3D animation on your package! Your customers can download LARA and your custom Smart Packaging menu will appear within seconds!

Besides the price and quality of a product, the packaging is also becoming more and more important to customers. In the past years the percentage of customers who said that the packaging of a product is very important in their choice has grown from 18 to 26 percent.

In a survey done with 2 000 participants by the WestRock research institute, the importance of price and quality has not changed or has decreased, at the same time that packaging became more important. 35% of the participants said that they have switched from one brand to another because of the packaging.

Functionality is one of the most important factors in packaging for customers besides the outlook. The environmental impact is also becoming more and more important to for consumers, with our Smart Packaging solution you can participate in saving our planet by using less print!

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Download LARA and take a look at Lara markers!

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3D animation and interactive menu

Koko the Monkey appears and users can know more about the product!
smart packaging

2D animation

Mizse Prize Game, an octopus appears, users can participate int he game by sending a picture to the Mizse Facebook page!
smart packaging


Kalinka Vodka, take a look at how it’s been done!
smart packaging

Interactive menu

Using LARA any print media can become ineractive and alive!

Your Smart Packaging, if you have an idea, let us know!

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